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Our Founder

With over 30 years of global real estate expertise in acquisitions, sales, investment management, and project execution, Giuseppe committed to creating a small group with the sole focus of securing favorable deals with utmost professionalism and ensuring client satisfaction exceeds expectations. 


Giuseppe focused on Austin, TX and Miami, FL as the main targets to operate in because these cities have become the most requested targets from investors looking to grow their portfolio in the US.

Austin having become a new beacon for the tech scene, with a lower cost of living and strong job market, and attracting professionals seeking a balanced lifestyle

Miami which has been for a long time a dynamic hub with diverse prospects, from the most luxuries of properties to great small multifamily deals, beckons discerning investors from all over the globe who love the opportunity to get involved in the unique splendor of this city, from beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and a very diverse culture.


Although Giuseppe’s team is determined to provide the best deal possible with great professionalism, his goal is also to ensure clients always feel joyful and energized about the outcome.

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Our Core Values






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